Watched a part of that movie “The Prestige” last night.

It’s about two arch-rival magicians who are constantly trying to out-do one another.

Lots and lots of secrets.

Reminds me a lot of the audio industry. There are a lot of great audio engineers out there who are so secretive about their techniques. They act as if they would be completely ruined and run out of business if they ever helped another engineer or shared their “secrets.”

That makes me think of another industry, where things are completely opposite. The Acoustic Guitar industry.

Now, I don’t remember specifics, but I attended a training event one time by either Taylor or Martin Guitars. They shared that they regularly invited their competition to their factory to share their latest innovations in building guitars.

Wait, what?

“A rising tide raises all ships,” the guy said.

If they could help improve the quality of all guitars being built, they could improve the entire industry.


Pretty awesome, right?

So what’s the lesson?

Not sure there is one.

But I got a cool comment from one of my VIP members recently in response to one of the weekly training videos.

Max wrote:

“I’m mixing an album for a client, and I’ve kind of changed my approach to EQ and compressing. It sounds AWESOME with HALF the effort!! I love you man, you’re changing my life.”

For all I know, Max might become the next great engineer. He might take ALL the clients. He might even start a website that competes against mine and runs me out of business.

But I just don’t think like that.

If I help Max, and Max becomes better than me, and he helps a lot of other people, I’m good with that.

“A rising tide raises all ships.”

Joe Gilder
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