My wife and I went to see the new Batman movie last weekend.

‘Twas epic.

What I like about Batman is that he’s just a normal dude. (Okay, a normal billionaire dude, but still a normal dude.)

No super powers.

Just an average Joe with lots of fancy gadgets.

(Side-note: I don’t think you should be allowed to use the phrase “average Joe” unless your name is ACTUALLY Joe. All us Joe’s are sensitive guys.)

Now, could we take a bunch of billionaires, give ’em all the same gadgets and expect them to ALL be able to be just like Batman?

Of course not.

The gadgets are only a PART of what makes Batman awesome.

He invested YEARS of his life into being trained in the art of fighting and stealth. (Remember the first movie?) He was gone for something like 7 years. No crime-fighting. No fancy bat darts. Just training his body (and his mind) to BE the Batman.

Any rich idiot can buy fancy toys and a plastic suit with ripped abs carved into it.

Such things doth not a Batman make.

And it’s the same for you in your own personal Gotham, I mean studio.

You can save up all your money and buy all the fancy gadgets, but they won’t make your mixes better if you don’t know how to use them.

Simply OWNING nice EQ’s and compressor plugins won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to defeat your mix’s arch enemies:

  • muddy low end
  • indistinct vocal
  • disappearing bass track
  • harsh guitars
  • dull pianos
  • flat and boxy drums
  • and about 7,486 more!

I’d say 90% of these enemies can be defeated with Batman’s Mixing Utility Belt.

It’s two-fold.

The gadgets of choice?

EQ and Compression.

Knowing how to use them (and use them REALLY well like “League of Shadows” well) will catapult your mixes to a whole new level of awesome.

You’ll end up like my customer Thom, who has played guitar for groups like The Band Perry. He wrote the following. He was working on a project, and things just weren’t quite coming together. And…

“The final piece of that puzzle I needed was watching Understanding EQ and Understanding Compression. Changed how I thought about it.

Right now, I’m listening to the final master of the album and I’m so freaking relieved and proud of how it turned out.”



Those are some powerful emotions.

Make the first step towards them by grabbing one (or both) of these today:

And don’t forget to tip your butler. šŸ™‚