Today’s email is coming at you a few hours late. I’ve been chatting on Skype with the lovely Graham Cochrane for the last several hours.

One thing we talked about at length was lessons we’ve learned from our latest albums we’ve finished.

Specifically, we talked about things we would do differently next time.

Yes, it’s fun to bask in the glow of all the things you did right, but it can be insanely helpful to actually focus in on the mistakes and learn from them.

I’ve found that with every project I work on, there are things that I don’t like about it, mistakes that I made, things that went wrong.

And I LOVE it.

Those mistakes become badges of honor, like little flags that I stake in the ground to mark what I learned.

When I think about a specific project, I automatically think of those “mistake flags,” and the lessons I learned from those projects.

You know why I love it? Because each of those mistakes is something I’ll likely NEVER do again. I learned a valuable lesson, and I learned what NOT to do on the next project.

Fast forward a few dozen projects, and you end up with a powerful arsenal of lessons learned.

Here are few examples of projects I’ve worked on, and lessons learned.

  • Reasons to Try Again (Lesson: Let cymbals sit in the mix, don’t let ’em get too loud.)
  • Weeds (Lesson: Spend more time on mic choice/placement on a female vocalist to avoid capturing too much breath/sibilance.)
  • Sharon Kay concert recording (Lesson: Two vastly different mics for different styles of songs on vocals don’t make for a consistent-sounding vocal sound on an album.)
  • Adore (Lesson: Using a better preamp in mono can be better than two cheaper preamps in stereo.)

And the list goes on and on.

In fact, I’ve got a whole list JUST for songs I’ve mixed for Dueling Mixes.

And the sooner you join, the sooner you can start building a list of songs finished and lessons learned.

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