For this month’s VIP Session (for my VIP members), I’m doing a behind-the-scenes look at an acoustic EP I recently produced for an artist/friend of mine.

She’s a very talented musician and songwriter, and the project turned out really well. She’s releasing it next month. (You can check out the samples on Amazon here.)

I wore several hats on this project: producer, engineer, and musician, and even online collaborator. Whitney’s a great guitarist, but she preferred that I play all the guitar parts. She also wanted to use her brother on a few songs…and he lives in another state.

I’ll be sharing things I learned from this particular project, including how to pull off a “less is more” approach to your next project. It’ll be a lot of fun.

If you’re not a VIP member yet, and you want to attend this live, streaming, high-quality VIP session, you can sign up here. See you Saturday!

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