Got an entertaining question after the last episode of the Simply Recording Podcast.

The listener knew that I live in Nashville and Graham lives in Tampa. He was asking how Graham’s voice sounds so clear on the podcast, since we use Skype to talk to each other as we podcast.

He thought I was recording Graham’s voice over Skype.

The way it works is like this. We just listen to each other over Skype, and we each record our own voices in our studios. Then Graham’s sends me his recording, I sync it up with mine, edit the podcast, mix it, and put it out for all you lovely people to hear.

That got me thinking.

Between the Simply Recording Podcast and the Home Studio Corner Podcast (AKA “Ask Joe”), I’ve done a LOT of mixing and editing spoken word recordings.  And I’ve developed a lot of little tricks to make it sound pretty stinkin’ good. So when my VIP members asked me if I could create a tutorial on mixing spoken word recordings, I jumped on it.

Being able to produce great-sounding spoken word recordings can open up a lot of opportunities for you and your studio – producing podcasts, radio/TV commercials, audiobooks, etc.

It’s a good skill to have. And I cover how I handle it in the latest weekly VIP training video.

I posted it this past Friday. If you wanna check it out, you can become a member here:

Happy Monday!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner