Can’t believe I said that…

Back when I was in high school, I went on a date with this girl.

I barely knew her. We met through a mutual friend.

Over dinner, I was trying to get to know her. You know, ask questions.

I knew she lived with her mom, and she referred regularly to her dad who lived in another state.

So (wanting to prove that I paid attention and was interested in her) I asked, “How long have your parents been divorced?”

Her response: “Ummm…”

(Accompanied by an awkward smile.)

“They never were married.”

Okay, no big deal.

“My dad actually cheated on his wife with my mom…and I was the ‘result.'”

Major face-palm moment there. The rest of the date was pretty awkward.

Needless to say, there was no date #2.

What does that have to do with recording? Not much, I suppose.

Just remember that embarrassing crap happens. Whether you’re recording a song, dealing with a client, or attempting to master an album for the first time, your best intentions might still land you in a big puddle of embarrassment.

Don’t let that keep you from “getting out there.”

You gotta sift through a few awkward dates before you find the right one. (But it’s totally worth it.)

Have a great weekend!

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