It’s gross, I know.

We’ve got this cat…Wayne.

I don’t particularly care for Wayne.

Wayne’s newest trick is to throw up in random places, like on our brand new bed.


He should know better. Cats are supposedly pretty “clean” animals. I’d expect this kind of behavior from a dog. That’s why we don’t have a dog.

Good ol’ disappointing Wayne.

I hate to admit it, but I see a little bit of myself in Wayne.

(No not the cute, furry part. The “he-should-know-better” part.)

There are plenty of times in studio where I really should know better. I’ll work on a project for a client and not set a hard deadline.

Or I’ll set out to finish a mix, give myself an hour, but then not actually finish the mix.

Or (like I did recently on a live broadcast), I knock the guitar mic over, quickly put it back and start recording without checking to make sure it’s still in the right place. (Hint: It wasn’t, and the recording/mix suffered.)

The good news is that, unlike Wayne, I can at least do something about my stupidity.

If I make a mess of a recording, I can:

* Acknowledge the problem

* Fix the problem (i.e. clean up the mess; this is not always possible)

* Avoid the same problem in the future.

See, that third one is where the magic is.

You know what makes someone better at recording or mixing than you? He or she has simply made more mistakes than you.

So go puke in your studio.

Wait, no. That’s not the point.

Go make mistakes. Learn from ‘em, and get better.

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