What Daily Workouts Taught Me About Music

I’ve been working out regularly at Iron Tribe Fitness for a little over a year now, doing group workouts with lots of squats and cleans and pull-ups and burpees.

I started out doing three workouts per week. It was hellacious. I was grossly out of shape. I could barely run 400 meters without stopping. (more…)

How I Dramatically Improved My Mixes Over the Last 5 Years

My mixes have gotten consistently better over the last 5 years.

I established a habit five years ago. That habit has forced me to mix at least one song per month. Some months I mix more than that, but every month, without fail, I mix at least one song.

And I haven’t missed once. (more…)

The Template Trick

When I sit down to mix an EP or an album, there are two things I aim for: I want to mix the project well, and I want to mix it efficiently.

The two are not mutually exclusive, in fact, you could make the argument that a faster mix could indeed be a better mix. (more…)

Music is a Sales Gig

If you make music, you are a salesperson.

Oooo…that’s such a dirty word, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be.

If your goal is to exchange your product (album, concert) or service (recording, mixing) with someone else, you are in SALES. Even if you do it all for free, you’re still in sales. Why? Because there is always an exchange taking place, a sale that needs to be made. (more…)

What if you felt like this?

I played a simple acoustic show the other night, streaming from my studio. I didn’t create a set list. I just sat down and played my songs, mostly requests from the audience.

I remember playing shows back in college. There was a coffee shop called The Red Rose. Every Monday night we’d have a songwriter night. We would all take turns playing songs. I had such a small number of songs to choose from. I would end up playing the same handful of tunes every week. (more…)

It’s never that simple

I listen to a lot of audiobooks and watch a lot of videos about business and marketing. It’s fascinating to me.

The most interesting part is how people with seemingly opposite opinions can both be successful.

One guys says to work less and only focus on the most important things. Another guy says to work more, hustle more, and win by the sheer quantity of actions you take. (more…)

It turns it down AND up??

I posted a video yesterday that answers the question “How do you hear compression?”

It’s fairly common to hear people like me say that “compression turns loud parts down and quiet parts up.”

But that doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? (more…)

I clicked it, and it was like magic

It’s so stinkin’ easy to overdo things.

When I first learned about compression, I was hooked. It was a magical tool that allowed you to tame the dynamics of any track in your session. You can adjust the ratio, threshold, attack, and release to a seemingly infinite number of variables.

They taught me what compression is and what it does. They taught me how to use it and what all the knobs do, but they didn’t teach me WHEN to use it. More importantly, they didn’t teach me when NOT to use it. (more…)