Ask Joe #139 – Silly Train Gives Good Advice

Today I talk about something that could very well make or break your success when it comes to music (or anything, really). Plus, in the Q&A section I answer questions about stuff like…

  • dealing with room resonance in your recordings
  • business resources for home studios
  • using compression and keeping things balanced
  • less-than-amazing drum recording vs sampled drums
  • resources to help you know your frequencies
  • what differences mastering made on my album

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Ask Joe #138 – An Introvert’s Perfect Music Venue?

SPECIAL BONUS – In this episode I play for you the title track from my new album, “Better This Way,” in its entirety (starting at 11:51).

I also share with you some details about a concert I’m doing on March 20, 2015 at 8pm Central. It’s an acoustic set with percussion, bass, guitar, vocals, and harmonies. [UPDATE: Due to illness in the Gilder house, the show is now going to be an solo acoustic show instead of a full band show. We’ll do a full band show in the future!]

And online concerts might be a great thing for you to look into for your music and your clients’ music. Could be a great service you could offer people. Great-sounding audio for their streaming concerts. Hmmm…

And in the abbreviated Q&A section, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • How to calibrate your studio monitors
  • Multiple ways to deal with latency while recording
  • Signal degradation with a volume knob?

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Ask Joe #137 – Be Featured on My Album?

This week I announce a special remix contest using one of the songs from my upcoming album. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2015. Full details and download links here:

And in the Q&A section of the podcast, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • higher sample rates – worth it?
  • drawing a good performance out of a client
  • good mics for recording drums
  • how to handle a project where two different people are mixing different songs

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Ask Joe #136 – A Simple Mixing Secret

I shared this little secret with my Dueling Mixes members this month, but I want to share it on the podcast as well.

It has to do with a way of approaching a mix that virtually guarantees you’ll mix it better.

And in the Q&A portion of the podcast, I answered some really great questions about stuff like:

  • How to approach recording and mixing multiple electric guitars
  • How to record electric guitars with multiple microphones (and not have a huge headache later)
  • How to mix if you tend to “EQ” the sound of your car stereo or iPod
  • Thoughts on and other automatic mastering service

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Ask Joe #135 – The REAL Reason You Get Nothing Done

This might offend some people.

Heck, it offends me a little bit.

In this episode, I talk about the one thing that is keeping you (and me) from getting anything done in our studios.

And I share some specific ways that I’ve found that help me overcome this one thing, even as recently as this morning.

I also answer some great questions about stuff like:

  • Dealing with noise on the front and back ends of your songs
  • Options for getting your music on iTunes, Amazon, etc. (and what I use)
  • My stupid-simple method for knowing when my mix is finished
  • Panning suggestions for string arrangements

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Ask Joe #134 – My New Album: What I Would Do Differently

This week on the podcast, I share with you a few observations on what I would’ve done differently on my new album I just sent off to be mastered.

And in the Q&A section, I answer some fantastic questions, particularly about how to make great-sounding music when you have limited access to a good-sounding space (from a guy living in a dorm room) and also how to deal with doubled lead vocals.

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Wearing the Producer Hat: Special Interview with Ben Gortmaker

I have a real treat for you this week.

Remember Ben Gortmaker? I interviewed him about his fantastic album All’s Lost, All’s Found a few years ago.

This week Ben is back to talk about the ever-important topic of PRODUCTION.

As home studio owner’s, we’re pretty good about wearing the musician hat and the engineer hat, but what about the producer hat? Methinks it gets neglected. And that can mean disaster for your music.

In this episode, Ben shares valuable insights into topics like:

  • Songwriting (how a simple shift in your songwriting approach can help you make better recordings and mixes later)
  • Recording with what you have (proof that you don’t need to own a dozen microphones to make good recordings)
  • How to juggle the different hats you wear in the studio (and how you must embrace your inability to do them all at the same time)
  • How to uncover an unending supply of production ideas (that you can “steal” for your own music)
  • The single most important part of the entire production process (skip this at your own risk)

Plus a ho’ bunch mo’.

Listen now, and before you finish, leave a comment below, letting us know if we hit a nerve, if this is a topic you want to learn more about in the future.

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Ask Joe #133 – The Vocal Mixing Cure

This week I talk about an experience I had mixing vocals on one of my songs this week, that transformed the sound of the vocal track on the song. And I also answer your questions about stuff like:

  • To delete old sessions or not?
  • My go-to drum recording technique for beginners
  • My custom “patch-bay”
  • Quick question on using templates to mix albums
  • Getting production ideas

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