Ask Joe #20 – Advertising Your Studio and more


2 Things:

1. I think it would be fun to have an “Ask Joe” logo to post with these posts, since they’re becoming more frequent. Any takers?

2. This week’s episode of “Ask Joe” deals with:

  • advertising options for your studio
  • drum machines/software
  • copyrights on a benefit compilation
  • master fader and dB
  • hard drive issues with Pro Tools
  • tempo changes
  • getting studio quality vocals

Happy Listening!

One last thing…

You guys have been slacking on the comments lately. I blame myself, so here goes…

…wait for it…


Seriously, I wanna know what you think. Do you agree? Do you think I’m a genius? If so, you need help. Do you disagree? Do you think I’m a complete moron? (Now we’re talkin’.) Leave a comment. 🙂

I’m tempted to impose a 10-comment rule. I won’t post another blog post until there are at least 10 comments. Or maybe I should make it 100. 😉 We’ll see.

Ask Joe #19 – Recording and Money

I’ve got another round of questions for your weekend.

Thanks to everyone for your submissions. Good questions this week!

Topics covered:

  • Mixing & Mastering – Peak vs RMS levels
  • Dealing with USB latency
  • Monitor placement
  • 808 bass drops/mixing
  • Recording & money

Enjoy Listening!

[Photo by Horia Varlan]

Ask Joe #15 – Thirty Questions Answered

I recently emailed a lot of people on my mailing list, letting them know about the Ask Joe portion of the website. I got a TON of responses, more than I could feasibly write responses to in the HSC forums or here on the blog.

So, to both save some time and also answer all of these questions, I sat down this morning recorded my response to each of them…all thirty of ’em. 🙂

There are all sorts of questions, and it was actually pretty fun answering them all. Enjoy!

Other Fun News

I’ve put together a free webinar for my newsletter subscribers. It’s this coming Tuesday, January 19th, from 7-8pm CST. Acoustic treatment expert Gavin Haverstick will be joining me to help explain acoustic treatment and answer your questions.

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My First Radio Interview [Audio Clip]

Unbluckling the Beltway

Last night I did a radio interview with Tim Hill, a buddy of mine from college. Tim hosts a political radio show on WEBR Fairfax in Washington, D.C. In addition to discussing all things political, Tim’s been focusing on topics of interest outside the political arena.

He’s been intrigued by Home Studio Corner for a while and thought it would be interesting to have me phone in as a guest.

Here’s a recording of the show. Keep in mind, the show was streaming on the internet, so the sound quality isn’t all that great.