The Two Home Studio Killers

As I interact with home studio owners all over the world (and there are thousands of you), there are two common “killers” that I’ve identified.

Two things that plague most home studios.

Two beliefs that prevent home recording enthusiasts from really getting the recordings they want.

The first killer? (more…)

Why You Should Set Limitations in the Studio (The SM57 Challenge)


I love a good challenge.

And I’m giving myself a whopper of a challenge later this month.

More on that in a second…


You’ve heard me stress that limitations in the studio are REALLY good for you. But that can be hard to believe.

More is better right?

“I don’t think so, Tim.” (anyone?) (more…)

Jogging and Recording

Yesterday was a Monday.

So I tweeted out: “Happy Monday, folks. (I love Mondays.)”

I really do love Mondays. New week. New challenges.

And the first challenge of the week for me was unexpected…and awesome.

I’ve been getting back into running. I go with my wife, and we take our son Owen in a jogging stroller.

We woke up and decided to feed Owen breakfast then head out for a run. First thing in the morning, Monday morning. Good idea. (more…)

Perfectionism (Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be)

Are you a perfection junky?

Do you agonize over every single detail of every part of the recording process?

One of my subscribers sent me this quote. (Thanks Evan!) It’s about the lie of perfectionism.

“We never tell ourselves, ‘The land of perfect is about a year away.’ We never think perfect is impossible. Perfect always glows from right around the corner. We just need a little more work, a little more time and we can share our work with the world.”

– Jon Acuff (from his book Quitter) (more…)

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Recording Engineers

You know that old saying? It goes something like this:

“Even the best-laid plans of mice and men go awry.”

So, if that’s the case, why bother planning your next recording project, right?

Because if you plan it, it’ll just go wrong anyway, right?

Bzzz. Wrong.

Here’s my experience. (more…)

A Case Against “Workflow”

There’s a word out there that I don’t really care for.

I think it’s overused, or at least over-emphasized. (And I’m guilty of using it, too.)

The word?


I wrote the other day why I don’t think control surfaces are all that important to us home studio folks.

Boy, you should have seen the emails I got back. Some folks agree with me wholeheartedly. Others acted like I was trying to slaughter a sacred cow or something. 🙂

Here’s the deal.

Which is more important to you — how good a song sounds or how quickly you were able to finish it? (more…)

Wanted: Studio Lawnmower

I’m not a big fan of mowing the yard.

Lazy? Probably. But I just simply don’t enjoy it.

Sadly, that means the grass in my yard is very long right now…

That’s what happens when you ignore it, it gets overgrown. Then once it’s overgrown you have an even MORE difficult time getting it back into it’s original state — all pretty and “manicured.”

It’s the same with your studio.

Things can get overgrown really quickly. (No, I’m not suggesting you have plants growing out of the back of your audio interface.)

But what I AM suggesting is that perhaps your studio SKILLS are getting a bit overgrown.

Recording music is a lot like my yard. If you’re not regularly working on it — recording new music, working on mixing, etc. — you won’t get better.

In fact, you’ll probably slowly get worse over time.

And it’s and endless cycle. The less time you spend in the studio, the less likely you’re going to get the sounds you want when you DO finally get around to working on some music.

(And a shiny new piece of equipment won’t solve your problems, either.)

You gotta invest the time, my friend.

And hey, if you need some motivation every month, and a place to “hang out” online with other cool folks, become a VIP member.

I’m even doing critiques of members’ mixes later this week. Might be just the ticket you need to start hacking away at some studio weeds.

Joe Gilder

10 Ways to Limit Yourself (& Make Yourself Better)

Hidey ho, neighbor.

You’ve heard me talk before about how good limitations can be for you. Having boundaries can actually ENHANCE your creativity.

Well, maybe you don’t believe me. Or maybe you simply haven’t given it a try yet.

Here are some suggestions for you. 10 ways to limit yourself…and make yourself better…all at the same time. (more…)