Using Compression to Make Quiet Things LOUD

We all know compression turns things down.

And we say we know that you can use it to make quiet parts louder, but some of us (myself included at times) have a hard time actually using compression this way.

We feel like this — if a signal is passing through my compressor, that compressor needs to be squashing it at ALL times. No exceptions.

‘Tis a slippery slope…one that leads to overly-compressed, lifeless mixes.

BUT…let me remind you (and myself) of one of the many uses of compression. Check out the new video:


And if you want the full story on exactly how I set up the compressor in the video (plus a bunch of other stuff that will make you luuuv compression), go here:

Why You Should Set Limitations in the Studio (The SM57 Challenge)


I love a good challenge.

And I’m giving myself a whopper of a challenge later this month.

More on that in a second…


You’ve heard me stress that limitations in the studio are REALLY good for you. But that can be hard to believe.

More is better right?

“I don’t think so, Tim.” (anyone?) (more…)

VIDEO: How to Create a Reverb Track in Pro Tools

Reverb is simple, right? But sometimes people don’t know the best way to set it up. It’s one of those things you wouldn’t know unless somebody showed you, so here it is. 🙂

By the way, this principle applies to you even if you’re not using Pro Tools. It’s the standard “Send/Return” technique for setting up effects like reverb and delay.


If you’d like to go deeper into understanding how to use reverb and delay, become a VIP member and get access to Understanding Reverb and Delay plus tons of other training videos and a community forum.

Intro to Automation [Video]


Which automation mode to YOU use the most? Leave a comment below.

Intro to Crossfades [Video]

Do you use crossfades when you edit? Do you know what they’re used for? This video should help.


Leave a comment below and let us know how you use crossfades. Also, if you want more in-depth editing training, check this out.

What Video Can Teach You About Audio

Screenshot from Ronan's videoYou’ve heard me talk about “getting it right at the source” before. And you’ll hear me talk about it again and again, because it’s SO important.

The sooner you can get rid of the “fix it in the mix” mentality, the better your recordings will be. This is certainly not a new concept, but it’s something I personally need to be reminded of regularly.

That’s where Ronan Chris Murphy comes in. He posted a video last week on his always-incredible Ronan’s Recording Show where he discussed some interesting things he has learned from his adventures in video recording that apply REALLY WELL to the world of audio.

It’s one of those “light bulb” moments that helps you understand the phrase “get it right at the source” in a whole new way.

Head over to Ronan’s site and watch the video. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s the link: Learning my own audio lessons while shooting video.

(Also, be sure to follow @RonanCMurphy on Twitter.)