How to Properly Wrap Cable [Video]

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Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of analog equipment. While analog gear can quickly become very expensive, there’s one way to upgrade your analog signal chain without breaking the bank – better cables.

But after you buy those cables, are you taking care of them?

Specifically, are you wrapping them like you would a 100-foot extension cord you use in the garage? (You know what I’m talking about, wrapping it over your hand, under your elbow, repeat.)

If you are, you could be seriously shooting yourself in the foot. When you don’t properly roll your cable, you’re twisting and potentially damaging that cable. You’re also ensuring that the cable will tangle next time you uncoil it.


How do I use AudioSuite Plug-ins? [VIDEO]

Ever heard someone (like me) tell you to use offline processing to your audio? Not sure what that means? Let me show you how to do it in ProTools with AudioSuite plug-ins.


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Plugin Order [Video]

Do you get a little confused as to what order to place your plugins on a track? This video should help.


How to Automate Tempo [Video]

You want to record to a click track…but you also need the tempo of the song to “breathe” in sections. Did you know you can do both with tempo automation? Check it out:


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Intro to Preamps [Video]

Last week I posted a video called Intro to Microphones. This week, let’s follow the signal past the microphone and into the microphone preamp.

A preamp is one of those necessary items for your studio. Either your audio interface will have built-in preamps, or you’ll use external preamps. Enjoy!


Intro to Microphones [Video]

Ah, microphones. They can be so much fun to use and collect, but if you’re just starting out, you may not really know what different types of microphones exist out there. Hope this helps!


Using Distortion on Vocals [Video]

Are you ever mixing a song, and the vocal just won’t cut through? You try to EQ out some lows or boost some highs. Nothing. You try to compress the daylights out of it. Still not cutting through enough. Try using distortion.

I’m not talking about distorted vocals. I’m talking about using distortion to help the vocals cut through. Check out this video, then leave a comment!


Pro Tool Plug-in Tricks

Today I’ve got a quick video for you where I share four or five little plug-in tricks. These are all things I use all the time, and I thought it would be a shame for you not to know about them. Enjoy!


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