Intro to Editing (300th Post!)

To round out “Editing Week” here on HSC, I’ve put together an Intro to Editing video for you. It may seem a bit backwards, but we’ve talked about why you should or shouldn’t edit your tracks, and now I want to make sure all of you know the basic tools of editing and how it works.



In other news, this is the 300th Post here on HSC. Yay! 🙂

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3 Ways to Become a Better Engineer [Video]

You want to be a better engineer, right? I assume that’s why you read Home Studio Corner and subscribe to my newsletter.

Over the last year I can see areas where I have become a better engineer, and I thought I’d share a few tips with you to help YOU get better, too.

Here’s the video:


And here’s the link to Mix With Us if you’re ready to take the plunge and get seriously better at mixing. See you there!

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Buses and IO Explained [Video]

A lot of people get that “glazed-over” look when they try to explain or figure out buses and IO settings in their DAW. In this video, I give you a simple explanation of buses and IO. I’ll be showing it to you in Pro Tools, but these principles apply to any DAW.


What is your favorite thing to use buses for? I need 10 comments before I’ll post tomorrow’s post.


Want to learn more about Pro Tools? Check out

NEW Tour of my Home Studio [Video]

Several months ago I posted a video tour of my home studio. Well, I’ve since moved and changed things up a bit, so here’s a brand-new updated tour of my home studio. Enjoy!


What about YOU?!

I’d love to see a tour of your home studio. Post one on YouTube and put a link to it in the comments section here.

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Intro to Gates/Expanders

Do you ever use a gate or expander plug-in? Do you know what they do? Do you know how COOL they are?

I use them mainly for voiceover. They can help take a fairly noisy environment and make it seem much quieter than it actually is. I use them on the HSC Podcast, for example. In this video I actually use a snippet of audio from the latest podcast to show you how a gate/expander works.


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Intro to De-Essing [Video]

De-essers. They’re so cool, but a lot of people aren’t sure exactly when or where or why to use them. Here’s a long overdue video where I explain just that. Enjoy! (And be sure to leave a comment.)


Studio Tour: McPherson Studios, Nashville, TN [Video]

This morning I got to hang out with a buddy of mine at McPherson Studios in Nashville, TN, where he works. I was helping him get ready for a drum tracking session this afternoon.

Of course I brought my video camera with me, since I’m always thinking, “I bet HSC readers would like to see this.”

So…here you go! Here’s a mini-tour of McPherson Studios. You can check them out at