Mixing: “Limit Thyself” [NEW VIDEO]

I tried posting this yesterday, but I ran into some technical roadblocks, so here ’tis.

I’ve got a new video for you today. Live from my home studio…

[flashvideo file=http://hsc-video.s3.amazonaws.com/4hourstomix-4.mov /]

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the blog post explaining the mixing course in a bit more detail. The doors open on MONDAY (3/29)!!

Also, don’t forget about the live streaming concert tomorrow night (3/27) at 5pm Central Time. I honestly don’t know how good the audio quality will be (fingers firmly crossed), but I’ll also be recording it all into Pro Tools. [Hint: If you join the new mixing course, the live recording might be a bonus…just sayin’. :-)]


I’ll be answering questions about the upcoming mixing course after the concert on Saturday. So come listen to some music, then stick around afterward, and we’ll have a live Q&A.


Side-Chaining [Video]


In this video we take a look at Side-Chaining, particularly with kick and bass.

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Ear Training Results: Acoustic Guitar

Here’s my follow-up video to yesterday’s round of ear training. If you haven’t checked out the audio clips there, you might want to do that before watching the video below.


Were you right? Wanna gloat?

Were you wrong? Wanna vent?

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How to Remove Vocals from a Song [Video]

A few months ago, I was running a recording session for a corporate party for a bunch of folks from Boston. They wanted to record some country music (livin’ the Nashville dream).

So, I had to come up with a selection of country songs for them to sing to. This required me to figure out how to remove the lead vocals from these songs. Here’s how.


Ear Training Results: Bass EQ

Yesterday I posted two bass audio clips, one dry and one processed. Then I had you guess what I did to the second clip.

Ear training is really important. I always learn something from it. Oftentimes you end up realizing that things are much simpler than they seem.

Check out the video for more:


EQ-ing Kick Drum [Video]

In January, I posted several articles on mixing. Today I want to share with you an excerpt from the HSC Production Club. This video comes out of the Week 9 material, which deals with mixing drums and bass.

If you haven’t signed up for the free webinar tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 2, at 7PM CST), there’s still time. You can do so by CLICKING HERE. I’ll tell you more about the Production Club, and we’ll take a look at a bunch of common home studio obstacles.

Hint: The audio is a good bit better in HD (720p). FYI: As a part of the production club, you’ll actually download the full HD videos without losing fidelity to things like YouTube compression algorithms.