How (and Why) to Reverse a Cymbal in Pro Tools [Video]

Sometimes you just need a reversed cymbal. It can complete you. 😉

I’ve got a video today showing you how. It also gives you a little taste of one of the tunes for my upcoming album. A behind the scenes look!! Enjoy.


Creative Panning in Pro Tools [Video]

Here’s a fun little panning trick I use from time to time on pads/keyboard parts. Enjoy!


Session File Management in Pro Tools [Video]

First things first…


My Christmas present to you? More hard drive space! (The crowd cheers!)

Let me show you how to manage your files in Pro Tools. I freed up a ton of space on my hard drive. You should too (to make room for all those pretty new plug-ins you got for Christmas).


Printing Effects and Instruments in Pro Tools [Video]

Have you ever hit a wall when recording or mixing? Sure you have. We’ve all gotten the dreaded “I can’t handle this; please increase your hardware buffer size” message from our DAW.

In this video I explain how to print some of your tracks/instruments and free up more processing.


Tour of My Home Studio – Part 1

It’s been six months since I started Home Studio Corner, and it’s about time I showed you MY home studio! I love seeing other people’s setups, and I bet you do too, so enjoy!