New Video from WinkSound, Lots of Pretty Gear to Look At

Are you familiar with WinkSound? These guys post all sorts of cool videos related to music and audio production. They’ve posted many of my videos and have been a great friend to Home Studio Corner.

Here’s a cool video they just released, featuring Rodney “DarkChild” Jenkins’ studio. If you like looking at piles of cool gear, you’ll enjoy this video. (Just hit the play button to begin.)

Inserting Time in Pro Tools [Video]

A couple days ago someone emailed me asking how to insert more time at the beginning of a Pro Tools session. Sometimes you get to the end of a recording, and you come up with an idea for a great intro, but you don’t have enough space at the beginning of your session! Not a problem. Check it out.

For some reason YouTube is misbehaving today, so here’s the video from

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Parallel Processing – Bass [Video]

Last week I posted a video called Parallel Processing – Drums. In that video, we looked at how to use parallel processing and compression to get a huge drum sound.

In today’s video, we take a look at a cool technique for processing a bass track.


Parallel Processing – Drums [Video]

Parallel processing is something you’ll come across at one point or another as you dive deeper into the world of recording. Basically, it’s the process of treating two identical copies of a piece of audio with different effets, then blending them together.

In this video, I show you a way to use parallel processing on drums. Enjoy!


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