So a few years ago, if you had asked me if I liked using templates in my recording software, I would’ve said something like, “Templates shmemplates. I like to work from scratch, baby.”

There’s something nice about starting a song from absolute scratch, but that novelty wears off when you find yourself spending 10 minutes setting up your session EVERY time you work on a new song.

It’s probably the entrepreneur in me, but I HATE inefficiency. I’m obsessed with productivity. (My wife makes fun of me because of it. — It’s not uncommon for me to be listening to a business audiobook while feeding one of the twins, for example.)

This aversion to wasting time caused me to reconsider my stance on templates. Over the last year or so I’ve developed a few specific templates that I use all the time.

Here are a few:

Podcast Template – Since I do the weekly Ask Joe podcast and the monthly Simply Recording Podcast, I’ve developed templates for both.

With these, I can open up a new session from that template, and literally hit the record button. When I’m done recording, everything is set up for the mix. I take a quick listen and bounce away.

Mixing Template – This one’s constantly evolving, but since I’m doing more and more mixing through a Presonus StudioLive console, this template allows me to quickly and easily route the different tracks to different channels on the board.

This one probably saves me at LEAST 15-20 minutes per mix.

Video Template – Much like the podcast, now that I’m doing a lot more videos on the blog, I have a template for quickly mixing and exporting the audio for all the on-camera videos.

Quick and easy.

As you can imagine, templates can save you a ton of time, but they can also waste a ton of time if you try to make them too detailed.

The key is simplicity.

I actually did a training video on templates for my VIP members a couple months ago.

You can check it out by becoming a member here:

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