Reverbs and delays are great ways to add some space to your mixes.

But are they the only way?

I got this question from one of my loyal VIP members. Mick wrote:

“I am having a hard time of getting my mixes to sound spacious. Is there any chance of you just showing how to create space?…I’m sure others would benefit and my mixes would sound awesome if only I could master it.”

Perhaps reverb is the answer.

Perhaps a nice, dark delay is the answer.

Or maybe…just maybe…it has more to do with the tracks themselves. The arrangement. The song. The recording.

That’s the question I explore in this week’s VIP training video.

I take a look at how I can create space in a mix without touching a reverb or delay plugin.

But we also look at how delays and reverbs can still play a crucial part.

It’s really cool stuff, with some unexpected examples for you to listen to. It’s the kinda thing that will likely show up on your next project…and make it sound even awesomer than it was going to sound to begin with.

You can watch it right now by becoming a VIP member here:

Joe Gilder
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