I was having a conversation with my buddy Pete Woj the other day.

Pete’s a cool guy. For one thing, he’s bought just about every tutorial video I’ve ever released (which makes him very popular around HSC headquarters), but he’s also big on APPLYING what he learns.

Anyway, we were talking about recording equipment. He was debating buying a new audio interface and wanted my opinion.

But then he listened to one of my recent podcasts and answered his own question.

On the podcast I was talking about another guy who asked me the same question. When I asked him how many albums he had made using his existing interface, he said, “None.”

My advice to him was to make a bunch of music on it before buying more gear.

Pete responded:

“That’s kind of applicable to me. I have what I consider to be nice hardware, and I don’t feel like I’ve made enough music to warrant buying more…I feel very blessed to have what I have, and I decided to make a lot more music with it before buying more.”

‘Twas a “proud daddy” moment for me. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE good gear, and I love buying new equipment…but I also recognize that buying stuff is a fantastic way to put off making any actual music.

We can easily become excellent gear purchasers rather than excellent music-makers.

I know I beat this horse a lot around here, but it’s because I need to be reminded as much as you do.

All the gear in the world won’t magically make me produce amazing-sounding recordings that people will want to listen to.

You know what will? Making music.

Lots of it.

Invest in YOU before you invest in stuff.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Spend time getting better at guitar.
  • Practice your microphone technique.
  • Write a song (or finish one of those songs you started).
  • Edit a session.
  • Finish a mix.
  • Re-mix a song you’ve already mixed.

Or…invest in some training that will help you get better results.

I’d start with my Understanding EQ videos. They’ll help you finally understand what those EQ knobs do (and how POWERFUL they are in helping you get fan-freaking-tastic mixes).

Click here to get started: