Wrote a song earlier this week.

Most of the songs I’ve written over the last several weeks have been a bit on the sad, pensive side. So I wanted to write something happy.

As Mr. White said in “That Thing You Do,”

“I want something peppy, something happy, something up-tempo. I want something snappy.”

So, since I’m trying to crank out a song every day, I figured I’d turn off my cheese filter (the thing in my brain that filters out anything cheesy), and just try to write something fun.

Fast forward to this morning. I’ve got a live training session this afternoon, and I needed to pick a song for it. I played my iPhone recording of this cheesy, happy song for Pam to get her take on it.

She listened to a verse/chorus and said the infamous words:

“Can I be honest?”

Oh boy. Here it comes.

Then something cool happened. The next words out of her mouth were:

“I think it’s my favorite one you’ve written so far.”


It appears that leaving some of the cheese in the song didn’t kill it after all.

So, today’s lesson?

Don’t cut the cheese.

Or maybe:

Give cheese a chance.

If you do what I do, and never allow yourself to try stuff in the studio that might be a little cheesy, you might miss out on something great.

Something to think about.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched my video of how I mixed this month’s song over at Dueling Mixes, you should check it out. I show you a way of taking a pretty simple guitar part and “cheesing it up” with some crazy, simple effects.

When I blend the cheese back in with the rest of the mix, it’s actually really cool.

Check it out here:


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