Birds…they can be so silly.

As can home studio owners.

Let’s see if nature can teach us an important lesson today, shall we?

I was hanging out with some friends one morning last week. As we were talking we kept hearing this “thump” sound.

“So, tell me about the new baby…” [thump]

“She’s keeping us up all night…” [thump]

Eventually figured out it was a cardinal flying into the window on the other side of the room. It would fly into the window, fly away, fly into the window, fly away…over and over again.

And this got me thinkin’ about me…and you…and how we work in the studio.

How many times do you try the SAME things over and over again in the studio, but only get the same results?

Maybe you insist on tracking vocals in a room with no acoustic treatment and wonder why your vocals always sound boxy?

Maybe you compress everything like crazy, and wonder why the music has no life?

Maybe you’re an overly-zealous EQ-booster, and you wonder why things are always muddy.

Time to change things up. Do something different.

Stop flying into the window.

If EQ’s your Achilles heel, then pick yourself up off the floor and head on over to:

Joe Gilder