Before you race off to have an awesome weekend, don’t forget about the special offer I’m doing for new Production Club members.

If you join by the end of the month (June 2012), I’ll give you one of my “Understanding…” products for free. That’s a $47 to $97 value, depending on which one you pick.

If you’re wanting to jump on it, do it now before you forget:

(You gotta join before Sunday, though.)

Anyway, got any fun weekend plans? I’m actually down in Mississippi visiting my new baby niece Finley. Too cute.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend!

Joe Gilder

P.S. Here’s a note I got from Steve from the UK, who just recently “graduated” from the Production Club:

“There is nothing more you need to know in order to start recording and mixing your own audio as Joe Gilder takes you through the recording process in The Production Club. Billed as a step by step walk through to producing your own track, Joe takes you with him whilst he creates a recording of one of his own songs. At each step of the way he explains how a particular element was reordered and mixed, effects that were used and gives useful tips and tricks that can be used in your own recordings. All of this so that you can take this information and produce your own track. Following along with Joe’s advice and, by the end of the course, you will, have a track of your very own.

One of the major benefits of the Production Club are the weekly videos detailing the process. Downloading and keeping these videos means you can easily access information about how particular aspects of the process can be tackled and, better than a cheat sheet, you can always watch sections back during your recording or mixing process to give you a method of dealing withe problems as they arise.

Along with this, The Production Club comes with a Facebook group where members can connect and questions can be asked and, of course, the most important part of the whole process, the fantastic advice and help Joe gives you along the way.

If you have bought any of Joe’s products in the past you will be aware of how great the advice is and yet you get that and so much more in The Production Club that it is worth twice what is being charged. If you don’t have any of Joe’s products then this is a great starting point as all aspects of the process are looked at (and can then be expanded with things like Understanding Compression). Whatever your reasons for signing up, and whatever level you find yourself at, there is something for everyone in these tutorials that will open your mixes up to new and exciting ideas. I would urge you to become part of the Production Club, record your track along with Joe and come out of the experience with something in which you can be proud. Not only did the process quickly and easily bring me to a new level with my work but it has given me so many tools that I can use again and again, people with whom I can share the process with and a new found confidence that I am tackling music production in the correct way. Thank you Joe!”