Every few months I get a new Sweetwater catalog.

With each issue, the section devoted to “iOS Recording” seems to get bigger and more prominent.

I promptly snort a very Downton-Abbey-esque snort and turn the page. “I don’t record to an iPhone or an iPad,” I say to myself. “I make music in a REAL studio with REAL equipment.”

And I move on.

(Perhaps I have Mr. Carson the butler bring me my tea in the drawing room.)

The thing is…art is art.

It’s all about creativity and connection.

One artist could play a beautiful song for you on a $5,000 guitar, and you could really connect with that song.

Then you could walk down the street and hear a homeless man playing a song on a $40 guitar, and you also really connect with THAT song.

Snobbery has no place in art.

I know, because I ignored the whole iOS recording thing for a looooong time.

Until one of my VIP members asked me about that Tyler Ward video, the one where he recorded a song while stuck at an airport…on his iPhone.

The song sounds surprisingly good.

My VIPer was wanting to know how he pulled it off.

At first I pontificated about blah blah blah…

But I finally let myself admit that the song really did sound quite good.

And rather than explain away the reasons behind it, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I gave myself a challenge to record a song on my iPhone, and to make it sound GREAT.

It turned into a video series over in the VIP members area. The recording went well last week.

This Friday, I’ll be posting the video of how I mixed the song.

Fun times had by all.

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