Sometimes I may come across as a bit anti-MIDI.

A MIDI bigot, if you will.

Well, I’m not.

Yes, I do usually prefer to record real drums. (My drummer Tim is a beast.)

But there are still times when it makes sense to program drums. (Lest you forget, all the drums on my album “Out of Indiana” were programmed by me using EZDrummer.)

So when does it make sense to use MIDI drums?

* When you don’t have the budget to hire a drummer (or to pay someone else to record drums for you)

* You don’t know any drummers

* When you don’t have the equipment to record drums

* When the only time you have to work on music is late at night when the kids are sleeping, and you want something you can do quietly with headphones

* When you’re just fleshing out song ideas and aren’t necessarily ready to commit to a real drummer yet

The list goes on…

And I’ve heard from enough subscribers about how to get better at programming drums, that I’ve put together a video outlining the top 5 biggest mistakes when it comes to programming drums.

If you use programmed drums in your songs, this video will help you avoid a few pitfalls.

Click here to get it for free:

Joe Gilder
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