‘Tis a funny thing.

I can’t tell you how many questions I get that begin with “Should I…” or end with “…is that right?”

Now, I’m as guilty as the next guy of getting sucked into that trap.

“What trap?” you say.

The trap of forgetting that this is ART that we’re doing. If you’re working on music in a home recording studio, you are a type of artist.

Imagine if Picasso had gone around to all the experienced artists of his day and asked them, “Is this right?”

What if someone had told him, “No, that’s just a bunch of random shapes. You need to do more portraits and landscapes.”

That’s a silly example, but boy does it accurately describe a lot of us, doesn’t it?

We’re so afraid of doing things the wrong way that we do one of two things:

1. We put out very timid, stale, boring “portrait” music.

  1. We study and study and never actually finish a project.

Both of those are BAAAAAAAD.

They keep you frozen and make you boring.

This is ART, people!

Yes, there are fundamentals. Yes, there are best practices. Yes, there are ways that people have been recording/mixing certain tracks that have been very successful.

And YES, you should study all these things.

But not at the expense of the art itself.

I’m sure Picasso knew all the painting “rules,” but he chose to defy them in a very creative way.

Some people love his work.

Others hate it.

And that’s OKAY.

That’s a lesson I learn every month over in the Dueling Mixes members area. Every month Graham and I post our mixes for that month’s song for members to listen to.

Every month some people vote for Graham’s mix and some people vote for mine.

What does that tell you? Some people prefer Graham’s artistic interpretation of the song over mine, and vice versa.

It doesn’t mean my mix is “bad” or “wrong,” it just means those people preferred Graham’s art over mine.

And that’s how it is.

Think of your favorite band. Some people hate them.

Think of your favorite food. Some people think it’s disgusting.

That doesn’t make you wrong. It makes you unique.

This whole art discussion is CENTRAL to what we do over at Dueling Mixes. After mixing the song yourself, you might prefer YOUR mix over mine or Graham’s, and that’s AWESOME!

The key here is learning how to take a blank canvas of a new mix and turn it into a work of art that reflects your creativity.

It’s insanely fun.

I think you would enjoy it.

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Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner