This whole “ear training” thing is pretty fun. Let’s do it again!!

This week we’ll take a look at acoustic guitar.

The Clips

I’ve got three clips for you. The first is the original acoustic guitar, no processing. The second clip has some processing. The third clip has more processing.

So the signal flow goes:

Clip #1 –plug-in–> Clip #2 –plug-in–> Clip #3

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guess as to what processing I did to the audio. Be as specific as you can. This really helps you hone in your listening skills.

Don’t just guess “EQ.” Guess “a boost at 20 kHz, and a cut at 2 Hz” instead. 🙂

Here are the clips (Can you tell I’ve been craving a poker night?):

The Flop


The Turn


The River


Place your bets…er…render your guesses in the comments below. We’ll see who wins tomorrow.

[Photo by laverrue]