You may recall that a little over a week ago we did a little ear training with drums. If you missed it, finish reading this post, then head over there and check that out, too.

Today, let’s have a listen to a bass part. In my opinion, the bass can be the most unruly part of your mix. It can sound amazing, but it sometimes takes a lot of wrangling to get it right.

I’ve written about mixing bass before, but let’s take a listen to an actual bass part.

Ready Your Ears

I’ve got two clips for you. The first is the dry clip of a bass, as it was recorded. On the second clip I did some processing. Here they are:

  • [audio:]
  • [audio:]

After listening a couple of times, leave a guess in the comments section as to what exactly you think I did to the signal. Be as specific as you can. Let’s see who gets the closest.

I’ll reveal the answer in a video tomorrow.

Ready? Go!

[Photo by tanakawho]