First off, congrats to Erik O. for winning the free ticket to the Recording Electric Guitar class.

There were a lot of awesome entries. ‘Twas hard to choose. Congrats, Erik!

Now…for today’s business.

As promised, tickets are available for the brand new Recording Electric Guitar class. There are only 100 tickets available, and I’m selling the first 30 tickets at a discount. Check it out here:

Couple of questions you may have:

Do I have to come to Nashville for this class?

No. All the content will be delivered straight to your computer.

Will the videos be available in the future?

Yes. But there are a bunch of bonuses/goodies for people who join the live class NOW.

When does the class start?

Next week (Thursday, September 6th is the official first day.) But if you wait until then to sign up, there might not be any tickets available. I’ve got over 9,000 subscribers, so they might eat up those tickets quick. So you’ll want to get yours right now at this link: