I was setting up my home studio one night to try out a microphone I had borrowed, the Rode NT1A. I was pretty excited. Trying out a new microphone is always fun, even if it’s an inexpensive one. 

I hadn’t spent a lot of time in my studio at the time, so I was happy for the chance to spend a few hours catching up on projects and songs.

After a few minutes everything was set up. The mic was on its stand with the pop filter in place. I had run it to my interface, adjusted the gain and routed everything in my DAW. Time to record.

But something was off. The mic just didn’t sound all that great. It was kinda muffled, and it picked up a lot of the room. “Oh well,” I thought, and I went ahead with the recording. I recorded an entire lead vocal track…still it sounded off.

The problem?

I was singing into the back of the microphone.

That’s right. I had years of  recording experience, had amassed all of this useful head-knowledge about recording, had recorded vocals countless times…and yet here I was, singing my heart out into the back of the microphone. It sounded awful, but for some reason I didn’t notice until I had done an entire vocal take.

I’m not proud of it, but it’s pretty funny. Okay, your turn. Let’s hear it. Leave a comment with one (or more) of your studio blunders. This should be fun.