Stop Randomly Twisting Knobs and Start Using EQ & Compression With Confidence

Dear Fellow Musician,

We got into this home recording thing to record our music and make it sound great. Sounds simple enough, right? Get some software, a microphone or two, and keep recording until it sounds good.

That part is pretty intuitive. ("Hey, that guitar doesn't sound great, let's try something different.") The next phase of the process -- MIXING -- isn't quite as intuitive.

While setting levels is pretty straightforward, you also need a good working knowledge of EQ and compression to take those tracks you recorded and make them sound their best.

My name is Joe Gilder, and I've been teaching musicians how to make better-sounding music in their home studios since 2009. Over that time, I've created a lot of courses. Two of the most popular courses were called Understanding EQ and Understanding Compression.

EQ and compression make up the foundation of any good mix. If you find yourself unsure of how (and when) to use them, or if you realize that you're randomly turning knobs and pushing buttons, hoping for a good sound, or maybe you're relying on presets to help you improve your mixing skills, you are a prime candidate for these two courses.

And to make it an easy decision for you, I've bundled them together with a special bonus, all designed to help you see real results in very little time.

Understanding EQ

You cannot expect to produce consistently great mixes without learning how to wield an EQ plugin with confidence. Equalizers are fairly easy to understand, but they can be a pain to master. With Understanding EQ, you’ll learn strategies for how (and when) to use EQ to get the best results.

You’ll learn…

  • What the various knobs on an EQ are, what they do, and (most importantly) how to use them to get great results…FAST
  • A simple (but ridiculously powerful) change that had a HUGE impact on the low end in my mixes
  • The safe (and highly effective) approach to EQ-ing ANYTHING
  • A secret technique that will instantly improve your ability to hear and recognize different frequencies
  • A quick and easy way to set up your EQ to minimize confusion and maximize results (or…how I mixed an entire album by cutting my EQ options in HALF)
  • How to EQ with confidence instead of randomly turning knobs in hopes of a good sound

Included with Understanding EQ, in addition to the core videos: 

  • “My Go-To Frequencies” Training
  • Multi-Tracks to the song used in the videos
  • PDF Cheat Sheet with all my EQ settings from the videos

What people are saying about Understanding EQ:

"I've been following the blog for a few years now, and I bought and went through your Understanding EQ course at least three to four times now, get something new out of it every time! Especially the ear training excersises! Love those!"

Matt Howard from California

Understanding EQ is what made me what I am today. One of my best investments ever. Thank you, Joe." 

Aaron Nkosi from South Africa

"The quality of my work jumped up instantly (after YEARS of plateauing, and listening back to hear all my earlier work sound like I recorded it in a cave). So I recognize (and have experienced) the potential growth that taking action can bring!!"

 Damon Fadjo, from somewhere in the US :)

Understanding Compression

Once you’ve grasped EQ, it’s time to get a handle on her partner in crime: compression. Compressors aren’t terribly intuitive, but you’ll need to become a compression master if you want to get incredible mixes. With Understanding Compression, I’ll show you:

  • What compression is and how it works
  • What all those knobs on the compressor are for (and which ones you need to pay close attention to)
  • What compression sounds like (and how to hear it)
  • How to know WHEN to use compression (and when to NOT use use it)
  • A simple process you can use every time you reach for a compressor
  • A real-world mix session featuring only compression plugins

In addition to the core videos, you’ll get:

  • Multi-Band Compression Explained with Ian Shepherd (from Production Advice and Home Mastering Masterclass)
  • What’s the Deal With High-End Compressors? with Ronan Chris Murphy (from Recording Boot Camp and Ronan’s Recording Show)
  • Understanding Limiters - Bonus training about what limiters are and how to use them
  • Understanding Gates & Expanders - These tricky tools are like the exact opposite of compression, but they’re powerful nonetheless
  • How to Maximize Volume With Compression (specifically, how to compress spoken-word audio)

Praise for Understanding Compression: 

"Joe, loved your Understanding EQ and Understanding Compression videos. I record and mix much better because of them both...Thank you."

Jeff G. from Ohio

And it's Only $47 for BOTH

1-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This whole thing is guaranteed. For realsies. No strings attached.

You've got a full year to decide if your purchase was worth it. If you look back 364 days, and you didn't get value out of these courses, I want you to sit down, send me an email, and ask for a refund. Easy peasy. And we can still be friends.

That's how I want to be treated when I buy things. I want to know the company's got my back and wants what's best for me. I've got your back.

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Whether you place an order today or not, thank you for reading this far. I truly believe this material will rock your world and help you make better-sounding music than you ever have. I hope you'll take the plunge.


Joe Gilder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to own a specific piece of software to get the most out of the material?

Nope. I use Presonus Studio One in these videos, but the software isn't the focus. I teach techniques and strategies that you can easily apply to any piece of software, from GarageBand to Pro Tools. I have many, many students who don't use the same software as I do.

What's the best way to get the most value out of this system?

Great question. I recommend putting yourself on a weekly schedule that consists of two components: learning and doing. If you give yourself one hour per week, spend 30 minutes learning from one of the videos, and spend the other 30 minutes applying what you've learned. Maintain that schedule, and you will see incredible improvements in no time.

How does the order process work?

It's really simple. Select one of the options above and click the "Order" button. Next, you will fill out your contact and payment information. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with your login information. Once you log into the members area, you will have instant access to the entire program.