I went to a Black Keys concert earlier this week.

Man, I really enjoyed it.

Their music is so simple, and so rockin’.

I love that Dan Auerbach doesn’t use in-ear monitors and uses big floor wedges instead.

He doesn’t use a wireless pack on his guitar. He uses a huge coiled white cable that’s like 30-feet long.

And they just played.

And rocked.

And sounded fantastic.

No hiding behind crazy effects or tons of instruments. Just musicians playing and singing their butts off.

Yes, you and I need to get good at recording and mixing. We need to know lots of tricks and techniques for making it sound great.

But it HAS to start with the music. You’ve gotta be working on good music, good musicians.

If you’re like me and you record your own music, you need to spend as much time on the MUSIC as you do on the recording and the mix.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

That’s all I got for today.

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Joe Gilder
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