If you saw the latest episode of GilderCam, you know that I spent two days in the studio this week tracking songs for clients.

We spent a while that first morning dialing in the snare drum tone. We used a combination of dampening and mic placement changes to tame some of the ringing frequencies.

Tim (the drummer) let me listen to a song from a session on which he recently played. The producer kept asking him for a more open-sounding snare drum. They stripped off all the dampening until the drum was ringing like crazy. By itself it sounded like too much, but in the mix it sounded huge and amazing.

Tim commented that music is a never-ending, always-changing process. You never really “arrive.” Things constantly change and evolve.

That reminded me why I feel so strongly about releasing a lot of music. Every album or EP I’ve released is a story, a snapshot into who I was at that moment in time. They’re also failure collections. Name an album I’ve released, and I can rattle off all the failures on it.

It’s not a negative thing at all. I’m proud of everything I’ve released. And with each release, each collection of successes and failures, I get a little bit better.

And it’s true for you, too. I promise.

Joe Gilder
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