More mixing talk today.

Does this describe how you mix?

  • Start the mix. Very excited.
  • Work for several hours. This thing is sounding good.
  • Bounce it to go listen your car. Ready to bask in the glory of my mix.
  • Adjust the stereo in the car. Man, these car speakers sound awful.
  • Suddenly realize it’s not the car speakers. Uh-oh.
  • Bang your head on the steering wheel. Why does it sound so bad?!
  • Walk slowly back to your studio. Dejected.
  • Mix for several more hours. My ears are tired.
  • Mix for a few more hours. Is it getting better or worse?
  • Mix for a few more hours. Umm…am I done yet?

How do you know when you’re finished mixing? My buddy Graham over at covered this in his interview with Kevin Ward of

Kevin’s the real deal. Professional mix engineer here in Nashville.

Click here to watch/listen to the interview.

If you want some practice mixing, and want to get feedback on your mixes and see how someone else approaches the mix, go check out Mix With Us. We’re having a lot of fun. You should join us.

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