Y’know how the Gotham City police would use the Bat Signal to summon Batman when they needed help?

This email is kinda like that for me.

You may not realize this, but Home Studio Corner is turning five years old this spring.


I’ve been so blessed with the opportunity to build a business that helps so many people.

But I’d like to reach more people.

Maybe you can help.

Hence, the bat signal.

I’m looking to do more interviews in 2014, specifically podcasts, but I’m open to anything creative.

If you host a podcast, I want to hear from you.

Let me know the basic details of your show, audience size, and what topic you’d like me to discuss on the show.

OR…if you listen to any podcasts (about audio, music, guitar, songwriting, etc.) that could benefit from a segment on home recording, let me know.

All you need to do is REPLY to this email.

That’s it for today.

Thanks, as always, for being a subscriber!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner