Home Studio Corner started in 2009 with one goal: become an incredible resource for people trying to make great-sounding music in their home studios.

That means that while we do have a handful of paid courses, the overwhelming majority of the stuff we create is 100% FREE, including over 1,000 videos on YouTube, plus the free resources below. Enjoy!

5 Steps to a Better Mix

Your mixes need a process. This system helps you get better at both starting and finishing mixes.

9 Production Secrets

Use this checklist on your next project to make sure it not only sounds great, but it's interesting and engaging as well. 

What Gear Do You Need?

This guide spells out the 5 necessities you need to own to begin making music in a home studio. 

Free Cymbal Swells

I recorded some great-sounding cymbal swells years ago, and I use them ALL the time in songs I'm working on. Yours for free!

Mix Together

This is a free series of YouTube videos where I walk through four different mixes from start to finish. Tracks included!