jamie-randolphIn case you missed it, I posted a video last weekend about how musicians can give away their music and still be successful.

After watching that video, I immediately thought of a band down in Memphis, Tennessee, Jamie Randolph & the Darkhorse. I went to school with the drummer, and I’ve met the band a few times, but I’ve never had the chance to see them live.

Then a few weeks ago they released a live album, and they’re giving it away for free! The unique thing here is that it’s not your typical live album recorded in some noisy bar. They actually recorded it live at Ardent Studios in Memphis. They invited a handful of friends and family to come be the “audience,” and they set up a recording session with a small PA in the tracking room and played a show.

These guys are great players, great songs, and the recording sounds fantastic. If you’re looking for a comparison, think The Wallflowers’ Bringing Down the Horse. 

Jamie Randolph & the Darkhorse. Great guys. Great music. Please do me and yourself a favor and follow this link to download the live album.

A few other ways to find out more about the band: