Today my brother-in-law Joel released a free live EP of his upcoming album. The band is “The Sinai Alliance,” and the name of the album (set to release in October) is “Though the Darkness Hide Thee.”

It’s an album of traditional Christian hymns, but they’ve been done in a way you’ve never heard before. It’s like hard rock meets hip-hop meets surfer music meets church.

I helped Joel a bit with mixing the album. I mastered the EP and am working on mastering the full-length album right now. Also, I sang lead vocals for the song “Come Thou Fount,” which is included on the EP.

To get your free copy (which is being distributed by NoiseTrade), simply fill out the form below with email addresses or five friends who you think might enjoy the music. They won’t be contacted by either Joel or NoiseTrade, and you’ll get to download the EP for free!!

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