A few weeks ago, one of my VIP members added a request to the “Suggestion Box” inside the members area (where members can request topics for me to cover in one of my weekly training videos).

He asked that I talk about the business side of recording.

You know, the part where you (gasp!) actually get paid a few bucks to work on someone’s music.

Someone else chimed in that he had zero interest in learning the business side of recording, since he strictly works on music for himself.

Perhaps you agree with him.

Well, I gots news for ya.

Your studio IS a business.

Get over it.

Lemme explain.

A business is simply a place where value is exchanged. Usually it’s an exchange of a product or service for money, right?

But if you’re the kind of person who isn’t interested in charging clients for your services, you’re STILL running a business. A value exchange is still happening. You’re giving them your recording skillz, and they’re giving you their talent and (most valuable of all) their TIME.

That’s why offering to record people for free doesn’t work all that well. They may not be paying you money, but it sure ain’t free. They’re investing their time, spending potentially hours with you, trusting that you’ll provide them with something that sounds good.

See that value exchange?

If you don’t come through and deliver a great-sounding finished product, the “client” will have made a bad investment of her time.

Something to think about…

Whether you’re charging for your services or not, this latest VIP training video should help you think through some ways to add maximum value to your “clients.”

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