You’ve heard of the “god complex,” right?

If you ever watch one of the 342 medical dramas on TV, you’ve seen the “god complex” in action.

These doctors have so much knowledge and power they tend to view themselves as God, controlling the destiny of their patients.

And when it comes to mixing, it’s easy to have a god complex too.

You pull up a brand new session, load in the tracks, and get excited about all the possibilities that lay before you. You are gonna beat this mix into submission.

But then the god complex kicks in. 

What if the tracks sound amazing? What if you pull up the drums and they sound perfect without a single plugin on them?

You add more plugins, of course.

After all, it’s your job to add to the songs, right? To make them better? To enhance them?

Not so fast, doc.

Your job as a mix engineer is to do whatever is necessary to make the mix great. That’s it. It’s no fancier than that.

And sometimes that means you leave tracks alone.

No plugins. Nothing. Nada.

“But Joe, what if I’m being paid to mix this song? I can’t notadd something to the tracks.”

Yes you can. Just lay your ego aside and do what’s best for the song.

A good mix engineer knows both when to mess with tracks AND when to leave them alone.

Sometimes you might be getting paid to do nothing…and that’s okay.

I talk about this in my brand new eBook. It’s called The Mixing Playbook: Your Guide To Finally Getting the Mixes You Always Wanted. Inside I cover some of the most important concepts and techniques you need to take your mixes to the next level…

…even if it means doing nothing.

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Joe Gilder
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