Brrr…as I type this, it’s 9 degrees outside.

(That’s cold for Nashville.)

My sweet wife just brought me some toast with Nutella on it.

Have you ever tried Nutella?

It’s like peanut butter, but it’s made with hazelnuts and tastes like chocolate.

I’ve heard people rave on and on about Nutella for years, but I never tried it. I’m a peanut butter man.

Then I finally tried it.

Woo doggie.

It’s not nearly as healthy as peanut butter (hello sugar!), but man it’s good.

With that in mind, and with the New Year slowly revving up, I have a question for you to think about.

A question that (if you answer it and take action) could transform your music in 2014.

Here ‘tis:

What could you do differently in your studio this year than you’ve ever done before?

To put it another way…

What’s the “Nutella” in your studio? The thing you’ve heard works really well, but you’ve stubbornly not tried it yet?

Here are a few suggestions:

* Never start a new song (recording or mix) until you finish the one you’re already working on. (People like me always tell you how powerful it is to actually FINISH projects.)

* Don’t record a single note until you’ve written 10 new songs. (You know the song is important, but you always rush through the writing process to start recording.)

* Commit to learning. (Whether it’s as simple as committing to watching one of my YouTube videos every week, or listening to my podcast, or buying one of my tutorials, there’s so much for you to learn and apply to your music to get ridiculously good results.)

Speaking of learning, want a fantastic option for learning both new techniques AND how to finish mixes?

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