A friend of mine left me a voicemail the other day.

He was talking about making progress on his new album, and he said:

“Instead of being excited by the adventure, I’m overwhelmed.”

Man, I get that.

I’ve been in that spot where I like the idea of a project more than I like actually doing the creative work.

Because it absolutely is W-O-R-K.

That’s not to say it’s miserable work. If we didn’t enjoy it, we wouldn’t do it.

But it’s not all Care Bears and rainbows in the studio. It’s hard to play that guitar part right. It’s hard to mix that snare drum. It’s hard not to distort the overhead mics on accident. (Oooo…self burn.)

The key to not being overwhelmed is confidence.

The key to confidence is having some past victories.

Kind of a catch-22, ain’t it?

That’s why things like Dueling Mixes exists.

There’s literally no pressure.

You have a song to mix by the end of the month, but you don’t have to deliver it to a client or play it for anyone else. You have the freedom to get in there and go for it. If you fail, no one has to know.

(Fun fact: it’s impossible to fail in the studio. With every “failure” is a lesson learned, a lesson that will make you better next time. Win-Win.)

So mosey on over to:


…and find that confidence and excitement you’ve been looking for.


Joe Gilder
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