Whether you’re incredible happy with how your recordings and mixes sound or completely frustrated, if you’re like any warm-blooded audio lover, you regularly consider upgrading your equipment.

If your stuff sounds great, you want to “take it to the next level.”

If it sounds bad, you hope that upgrading your gear will bring up the quality level.

One of the great things about running a website about music and audio is that I get to connect with some really incredible people with really good opinions. Sometimes their opinions match up with mine. Sometimes they differ.

And sometimes (gasp!) my opinions on things change.

But rather than giving you my opinion today, I want to share two slightly different but powerful takes on the whole idea of “upgrading.”

They both use the Tiger Woods/golf analogy, but each has a different spin on it.

Check out both videos below, then leave a comment and answer the question:

Who do you agree with and WHY?

First up, Graham Cochrane from TheRecordingRevolutions.com:

And Ronan Chris Murphy of RecordingBootCamp.com: