Getting this email to you a bit later today, because I’ve been in the studio all day.

Finished up tracking electric guitars for my album. There was one song with a cool instrumental section with an interesting key change. I tried a bunch of different guitar parts, and was somewhat happy with it, when my brain whispered in my ear, “BGV’s….”

Ah, that’s right. Thank you, brain.

So I proceeded to whip out my SM7B mic and sing 8 tracks of background vocals, essentially singing the same guitar parts I just recorded, plus adding two more parts to it.


Me love it.

You can take a listen to the parts here.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Pretty cool, right?

I gotta say. Background vocals are my fav.

If a song is needing some energy, fullness, thickness, etc. and I’m not getting it with guitars or a B3, I reach for the mic and lay down some BGVs.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as two tracks singing the same “Ahh…” part, but boy does it make a big difference sometimes.

Have you tried BGVs on some of the projects you’re working on?

Either way, you’ll want to check out the training video I did on recording and mixing background vocals. I recorded this for my VIP members several months back. It’s a full hour of me walking through how I write, record, and mix BGVs. I do it all right there on the screen, step by step.

Become a member here and go check it out:

See ya!

Joe Gilder
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