I got a letter from my internet service provider the other day.

The letter essentially said something like this:

“In an effort to provide better service to you, we are now limiting your monthly bandwidth. We will happily sell you more gigabytes as you need them.”

Aw, shucks. Ain’t that sweet?

When I signed up, there was no mention of limiting bandwidth. I could stream internet TV and upload and download big files to my heart’s content. I was paying my (fairly large) monthly bill and getting unlimited access to what they had to offer — the internet.

Now it appears I have to curtail my Netflix watching or pay more money. (I have a sneaky suspicion that my 1-year-old son Owen will not want to cut back on his Thomas the Train video consumption.)

So I’m sure I’ll pay for the extra bandwidth without much of a fuss, but this made me think about MY business. And it made me think about YOU. I asked myself if I’m pulling the old “switcheroo” on my customers, asking for more money for the same (or less) value.

I realized that I DID do something kinda like this with my VIP members…up until recently.

If you’re a VIP member, you have access to my monthly training sessions. These sessions are recorded, and the videos are made available to watch in the members area. Except I didn’t allow members to download the videos and watch ’em on their computer, iPad, etc. They had to log into the site and watch them there.

Then I realized something.

I’m holding back for no particular reason.

These are paying customers, and even though they’re only paying five bucks per month, they’re paying to have FULL access to this material. (And heck, I know I’D like the option to take the videos on my iPhone with me.)

So I made the change.

Now, VIP members can download ALL the VIP Session videos and watch ’em offline.

And my “VIPers” (as I like to call ’em) really love it.

So, rest assured that I’m not the internet company.

Not at all.

I’d rather come up with ways to ADD value rather than SUBTRACT it.

So, while there is no recording tip for you today, there is a lesson here. Provide VALUE in whatever you’re doing.

Go over the top.

Go against what others think you should do.

Be the guy who offers so much value to your recording clients that they are kind of obsessed with you and can’t keep from paying you to work on their projects over and over.

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