Update: Congrats to Erik O. for winning the free ticket. The giveaway is officially over. If you’d like to join the class, tickets are available here.

Ready for something new?

I’m launching a brand new 4-week class next week. It’s simply called Recording Electric Guitar.

I’ve done similar classes in the past (Recording Acoustic Guitar and Recording Killer Vocals), and I’m excited to get this next one underway.

Here’s a quick video explaining the class:


This will be a live class, meaning you’ll get new content delivered once a week for four weeks. We’ll cover:

  1. The Keys to Recording Electric Guitar [Live Webinar]
  2. In the Studio with Electric Guitar – HD Video
  3. Mixing Electric Guitar – HD Video
  4. Member Critiques – I’ll personally critique members’ electric guitar recordings.
And there might be a few bonuses in there for you as well…

Win a Free Ticket!

Before the tickets go on sale (there will only be 50  100 available*), you can enter to win a free ticket. Simply leave a comment below telling me why you want to attend this class.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning (8/27) at 9 am Central Time. (This is when tickets will go on sale, too.)

There will be a discount for the first several tickets sold.

The class will start the first week in September.

Good luck!

* I originally planned to only have 50 seats, but by the time I launched the class, I decided to go with 100. My apologies for the switcheroo. I wasn’t trying to be intentionally misleading. You know I love you. 🙂