Ah…you gotta love April Fools Day.

Of course, HSC isn’t going anywhere. Heck, I’m just getting started. In fact, on April 22nd, HSC will be one year old! Awww… We should plan a surprise party or something.

Anyway, I’ve been talking a lot about mixing the last few months, and I thought I’d compile all of these mixing posts into one big list. Click away, my friend.

Why all the mixing talk? Because I’m mixing my record, and you should join me by signing up for MixWithUs.com. You only have a couple days left. Join us…it’ll be a blast.

On to the free stuff:

Dealing with Low-Mids and a Muddy Mix
Close Your Eyes
A Few “Pre-Mixing” Tips from Audio Geek Zine
Setting Levels for Mixing
The Best Mixing Tip
Mixing Drums Part 1
Mixing Drums Part 2 – EQ
Mixing Drums Part 3 – Compression
Mixing Bass Part 1
Mixing Bass Part 2 – EQ
Mixing Bass Part 3 – Compression and Limiting
Mixing Acoustic Guitar Part 1 – EQ
Mixing Acoustic Guitar Part 2 – Compression
Mixing Acoustic Guitar Part 3 – Easy on the Effects
Use a Reference Track While Mixing
3 Mixing Tips [Video]
EQ-ing Kick Drum [Video]
Ear Training Results: Parallel Compression
Ear Training Results: Bass EQ
Check Your Mixes Everywhere
Ear Training: Acoustic Guitar [Texas Hold’em Edition]
Ear Training Results: Acoustic Guitar
EQ Before or After Compression?
Experiment With Panning to Improve Your Mix
Quick Guide to Dither
Get Opinions on Your Mixes
Headphones: To Mix or Not To Mix?
Mixing: Limit Thyself [Video]
4 Ways to Deal With Noise in a Mix