On this album I finished last month, I tried out a different method for mixing drums.

It’s nothing crazy, but just a bit different from what I’ve done before.

I essentially changed my emphasis. I focused on two things pretty heavily:

  1. The overhead mics and room mic.
  2. The drum bus.

Rather than getting a great drum sound with all the drum tracks, THEN doing some bus-processing, I decided to focus on getting a great drum sound from running ONLY the overheads and room mic through the drum bus processing.

The result is a very organic drum sound. Words like “beefy” and “thick”

That was the “cornerstone” from which I built my drum mix.

Obviously, this approach only works if your overhead and room mics sound great. Mine did, so I was off to the races.

To see how I did it, check out part 2 of my mixing drums series. I show you how I set up my drum bus to get a pretty sweet drum sound, with just a couple tracks.

But, you gotta be a VIP member. The good news is you can join for just 10 bucks here:


And yes, this mixing approach could work really well for virtual drums, too!

Later skater,

Joe Gilder
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