If you wanted to learn how to shoe a horse, I’m not your guy.

But I would put you in touch with someone who knows how to do it.

Then two things would need to happen:

  1. That person would teach (demonstrate) the process to you.
  2. You would practice…a lot.

Practice without guidance leads you to banging your head against the wall. Guidance without practice makes you feel like you’re making progress, when you aren’t.

You need both.

If you want to get better at mixing, you need someone (like me, haha) to guide you, to demonstrate how this stuff works. THEN you need to practice yourself.

This bundle sets you up to do both.

I teach you how to use EQ, compression, and how to mix and master a 4-song EP from start to finish.

Learn first, then download the tracks I provide for you and get to work practicing.

You WILL get better. I promise.

If you don’t get better, hit me up, and I’ll give you your money back…and we can still be friends. 🙂


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. Seriously, I do a 365-Day Guarantee. You don’t get better, you don’t pay. Cool, right? Click here.