My mixes have gotten consistently better over the last 5 years.

I established a habit five years ago. That habit has forced me to mix at least one song per month. Some months I mix more than that, but every month, without fail, I mix at least one song.

And I haven’t missed once.

Did I see a huge improvement from Month 1 to Month 2? No. What about Month 18? A little. Month 60? Absolutely.

There’s something about putting in the work, consistently honing your craft again and again, that’s magical.

It doesn’t work overnight. But it does sneak up on you. If you commit to consistently finishing mixes, you’ll wake up one day and realize how much your mixes have improved.

“Wow, I’ve come a long way,” you’ll say to yourself.

It’s a great feeling.

And I want that for you.

What was this magical habit that forced me to mix one song per month for the last five and a half years? It’s called Dueling Mixes.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, and you want to see noticeable improvement in your mixes, sign up here:

Every month my buddy Graham Cochrane and I mix a new song. We compete for best mix every month. Sometimes I win. Sometimes Graham wins. But the people who REALLY win are our Dueling Mixes members.

As a member, you get a new song to mix every month, access to TWO mentors who have both mixed the same song, and an incredible community of people just like you. Oh, and you can access the back catalog of all 60+ songs we’ve mixed over the last five years.

All for just $27/month.

Start your free trial over at:

Joe Gilder
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